Why You Should Write Your Will Online In Malaysia via Alpha Online Will Writing Malaysia

3 Reasons Why You Should Write Your Will Online In Malaysia

So why you should write your will online in Malaysia? Here are the 3 main reasons on why you should start your estate planning and write your will online today.

Legally valid will in Malaysia

Yes, you read it correctly. You can write your own will in Malaysia under the Malaysia Wills Act 1959 as long as your will is in writing. Moreover, you need to to be over the age of 18 to write up a will. All you need is to have at least 2 witnesses to witness that you had executed your will in sound mind.

Therefore, you can definitely start your will-writing online in Malaysia as long as these requirements are fulfilled. If you write your will online with us, we will provide instructions on how to execute or sign your will to ensure that it is legally valid.

Moreover, feel free to contact our legal advisers if you need to seek for professional advice with regards to writing a will online in Malaysia.


Who doesn’t like saving money?

You can now write your will online for RM199 only and save thousands of ringgit (Normal price at RM600.00). You can also be assured that your will is comprehensive and precisely drafted by our panel lawyers.

Now you can start your estate planning today at an affordable price without breaking your bank or wallet.

Convenient and safe

It is really convenient to start writing your will online today as it is designed to ensure that it is user friendly and your information provided is safe in compliance with the Malaysia Personal Data Protection Act 2010 because protecting your information is our utmost importance.

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