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About Alpha Online Will-Writing Service Malaysia

Alpha Online Will Malaysia by Alpha Will PLT (Company Registration Number: LLP0020216-LGN) provides will-writing & estate planning services in Malaysia having established since 2015.

Alpha Online Will is established by a group of practicing lawyers and legal advisors in Malaysia with significant experiences in the area of will-writing & estate planning in Malaysia, in effort to make will-writing and estate planning in Malaysia more convenient and easy by writing your will online.

At Alpha Online Will, we are committed to providing professional online will-writing service for non-Muslims in Malaysia to ensure that you can write your own will online easily and hassle free to enjoy a peace of mind at an affordable will-writing fee. This is to ensure that your family members or loved ones can easily prove the validity of your will in the High Court in Malaysia to obtain the Grant of Probate (to administer your estate easily) without having to go through the trouble in the event you do not have a will (ie long court procedure and costly legal fees to obtain Letter of Administration if you do not have a valid will in Malaysia).

Rest assured, the will written with us online is legally valid in compliance with the Malaysia Wills Act 1959 and together with a lifetime support from our legal team in Alpha Online Will to make sure that your will is up-to-date and your wishes come true.

All you need to do is fill in the required information, review & make secured online payment and print your will from your email!

Lastly, you can also be assured that your will is professionally drafted by our legal advisors / lawyers in compliance with the Malaysian law of estate planning.

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