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How Alpha Online Will-Writing Malaysia Works

How online will-writing Malaysia by Alpha Online Will works?

Follow the steps below on how to write your will online for a peace of mind today!

  1. Fill in your personal details as the testator or will maker such as your full name, identification number (NRIC or passport etc.), address, your email address (We will send your email to your email address later) and etc.
  2. Fill in the details of Executor(s), Guardian(s) (if you have minor/infant children) and Beneficiary(ies) of your will such as identification number and address.
  3. Appoint Beneficiary(ies) for your assets under your will specifically such as bank accounts, shares, cars or motor vehicles, real estate properties etc.
  4. Appoint Beneficiary(ies) for your residuary estate (remaining assets under your will after all specific assets are given to appointed beneficiary(ies); sometimes also known as ‘left over’ assets under your will).
  5. Review the summary of your will and make payment once you are satisfied.
  6. Print and sign your will in accordance to our instructions stated in our email. Keep your will in a safe place and inform your Executor of the whereabout of your will.

If you have any question, contact our legal advisers today for free consultation and lifetime support.

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