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How To Write A Will In Malaysia

Everyone knows that writing a will is very important. That’s the reason why you are reading this article. But how important is writing a will in Malaysia?

To put it simply, you need to write a will in Malaysia if you wish that your assets or hard earned moneys go to the right person(s) if you are not around anymore. Otherwise, your assets or hard earned moneys will be distributed according to the Malaysia Distribution Act 1958. Moreover, with a will, your loved ones can easily inherit your assets compared to if you have not written a will at all.

Now the question is, how to write a will in Malaysia?

There are few ways to get your will writing done legally in Malaysia.

  • Get your will prepared by your estate planning or will writing lawyer in Malaysia; or
  • Write your own will in Malaysia

Do you know that you can write your own will in Malaysia under the Malaysia Wills Act 1959?

Yes, you are empowered to write your own will as long as you are above 18 years old, your will is in writing, you have 2 witnesses to your will and you must be in sound/sane mind of course.

How To Write A Will In Malaysia

Here are the steps on how to write your own will in Malaysia today!

  1. You need to list down your assets / properties down (Your assets that you may want to include in your will can vary from bank accounts, shares, stocks, cars, paintings, jewelry and other valuable assets to real estate such as house, shoplot, land, factory etc.)
  2. You need to appoint an Executor (The idea of appointing an Executor is to entrust the Executor to administer your estate / assets on your behalf. Of course, an Executor can be the beneficiary as well (but a beneficiary cannot be a witness of your will!)
  3. Then, you need to appoint the desired beneficiary of your choice of your assets (It is advisable that if you have a complicated instructions, please appoint a lawyer to draft a will for you as this may save you time and trouble to ensure that your will is legally valid in Malaysia.)
  4. Get 2 witnesses to witness the execution of your will (In short, your will must be witnessed by at least 2 witnesses to be legally valid. Keep in mind that your spouse and beneficiary cannot be the witness of your will or the will is still legally valid in law but they are not entitled to inherit under your will!)
  5. Keep your will safe (This is important and you must ensure that your appointed Executor must know where to locate your will if you are not around anymore. Otherwise, if your executor cannot locate your will, it will be as good as having no will at all.)

If you think that you have a simple distribution, you can definitely write your will online in Malaysia with us (Click here to start writing your will now) to save your time and money. Most importantly, your online will writing is legally valid in Malaysia and you can seek our professional advice today for more details!

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