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Reasons Why Even Young People Need A Will

It’s a typical Sunday afternoon. Your whole family is just chilling at the living room, enjoying the leisure time together. Out of the blue, you sang, “If I die young, bury me in satin. Lay me down on a bed of roses. Sink me…” “Touchwood!” your superstitious Asian mother interrupted you, prohibiting you from finishing the line. Well, she’s not all wrong. Your age doesn’t make you immortal, just so you know. Everyone has to die someday and no one knows how soon that day may come. Unfortunately, you don’t get to decide when and how you die. There is a myriad of factors contributing to death and old age is merely a minor one.

Thus, the best you can do in preparation of an unknown death day, is having a will, regardless of your age. Before your superstitious and sceptical instincts kick in, continue reading this article on why young people need a will.

Although there are a handful of rationales out there for why young people DON’T need a will, such as owning little in terms of assets, a will does not always have to do with money. As much as we’ve heard about how dangerous it is to be on the road, the actual number is far more appalling. 7000 to 8000 people fall prey to road accidents and die every year. Hence, let’s say you’re 18 and is a legal driver who has unfortunately landed in that circumstance, what’s next? You may ask yourself.

If you don’t have a will prior to that accident, who do you think will make medical decisions for you? Probably your family members. But with a health-care proxy, you can specify who in your family can do that such as your parents or siblings. It’s a simple document that is only valid when there are two witnesses together with their contact details. This enables you to assign someone who can stay calm and think clearly in stressful situations to make the decision on your behalf. It also ensures that whatever action taken by that person will be in your best interests.

If you’re in a coma or persistent vegetative state, you may want to cease all treatments and pass on in peace rather than lying in the ward, helpless and soulless. However, if you have not written a will, your family may love you too much to let you go, proceeding with all sorts of treatments in hopes of bringing you back alive, going against your unspoken wish. This wouldn’t have happened if and only if you had signed a Do Not Resuscitate order (DNR).

If you grow up in an Asian family, you usually have no say in decision-makings. And now that you’ve perished, you finally have the chance to decide something for yourself. But you can’t choose how to deal with your body, not without a will. The most common ways are to bury, cremate, or donate to science for research purposes. Youngsters these days are usually keen on the last one, but not our parents. Therefore, you have to clearly state it in your will to make sure things go your way, even after you’re no longer here.

Even though you have little assets, that doesn’t mean null. You will still need to decide who you want to give those things to, such as bank accounts, social media accounts and pets. In your will, don’t only state to whom your assets belong to, but also where to find them. Usernames and passwords are important if your assets lie in the virtual space.

Still sceptical about getting a will? Don’t be a superstitious freak. Writing one won’t get you killed tomorrow. In fact, it’s an indeed thoughtful act as it saves your family from having to rack their brains thinking of what’s best for you when you’re no longer around, fearing of making the wrong decision. Instead, they could just go with your wish, your one last wish.

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