What Is A Will And Why Do You Need A Will In Malaysia?

What Is A Will And Why Do You Need A Will In Malaysia?

What Is A Will And Why Do You Need A Will In Malaysia?

You have worked hard all your life and acquired assets and properties to ensure that you and your loved ones are protected financially.

But the question is, how does your assets or properties are given to your loved ones in the event you are not around?

By writing a will, of course.

What is a Will in Malaysia?

A will, or some might call it the last will and testament, is a legal documents that states clearly who you wish to appoint as an executor (someone who will execute/administer your assets), who shall be the guardian of your children (if you have infant children) and most importantly, who will be the beneficiary under your will (person who will inherit or benefit from your will).

Under your will, you can state who shall inherit your properties in accordance to your wishes or intention and once your will is proven in the Court, your executor shall carry our his/her duties under your will.

Further, if you have children, you may appoint guardian(s) for your children who are below the age of majority (ie 18 years old and below). In this case, if you have named your children as the beneficiary, the appointed Executor(s) shall also be the Trustee(s) for your children who are also the beneficiaries.

Why Do You Need A Will in Malaysia?

If you do not write a will,  your assets or properties shall be distributed in accordance to the law in Malaysia, particularly under Section 6 of the Distribution Act 1958 which might be against your wishes.

Besides, your family members or next-of-kin will have to go through the trouble to get the grant of representation in the High Court if you have no will which may be troublesome and time consuming. Moreover, the legal fee to obtain the grant of representation (also known as Letter of Administration) will be costly as well.

Hence, it is wise to sit down and start your estate planning with Alpha Online Will-Writing Service to ensure that your wishes are well carried out in the event of your passing.

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